Compound Balance Weave Conveyor Belt

The mesh of compound balance weave conveyor belts are very closed, so these belts are used in those application which include carring of very small parts, such as nuts bolts, screws, nails etc.

Compound weave conveyor belt supplies extremely close and flat mesh. This is made of stainless steel and high carbon steel. They all have excellent high temperature resistance performance and high tensile strength. All these metals ensure the Compound weave conveyor belt to be a strong, durable and high lifespan product. It is also known as Cord Weave Belt. The structure of Compound weave conveyor belt is similar to the balanced weave conveyor belt, which has multiple spirals and cross rods per pitch. The compound weave conveyor belt has closer mesh than the balanced conveyor belt. The closer mesh makes compound weave conveyor belt a high density and high strength surface

Features of Compound Weave Conveyor Belt:
a) Small open area
The compound weave conveyor belt has little open area, which is suitable to conveyor the small items.
b) High tensile strength
The compound weave conveyor belt has multiple spirals and cross rods on each pitch, so it can supply higher tensile strength than other types of conveyor belt.
c) High temperature resistance
The compound weave conveyor belt is made of high quality materials, including stainless steel and nickel alloy steel, which have excellent temperature resistance performance.
d) Durable and long service life
The unique structure and high quality material can ensure the long service life of compound conveyor belt.
e) Baffles
Different types of baffles can be added at the both side and center of conveyor belt for sorting and conveying products.

Applications of compound weave conveyor belt:
The compound weave conveyor belt with little open area is popular in the food, electric, mechanical and other industries. It can be used to convey the following products:
• Baking biscuit. • Nuts. • Bolts. • Cookie. • Particles.








Compound Balance Weave Belt